“I've had such great support from Teenage Cancer Trust. I've had lots of things come through in the post to help my training

“I knew Tom for 10 years, I played football with him. He was our Captain. He never missed a training, never missed a game and he was probably the most committed person I've ever met. Tom was diagnosed when he was 15 with sarcoma cancer, which affects your pancreas. I think it's one of the rarest types of cancer in the country.

“I'd go and visit Tom at the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Euston most Friday afternoons and they were just brilliant with him.”


Whenever he needed something, whenever he hadn't got someone to talk to, they were just there and they were brilliant with him. So that's why I wanted to run for Teenage Cancer Trust really, just to repay their help. I think that unit was brilliant for everyone there really everyone was the same sort of age and they all had the same problem so they could all relate to each other and they helped each other out

“From a young age I've always watched the London Marathon with my parents and we've always known a lot of people running the London Marathon, so it was something in my life I always wanted to achieve. I was over the moon when I found out I had a place. I only applied for one charity because I thought it was the best charity for Tom and I thought it’d be just be great to really help them out and help other people like Tom.

“I'm not really nervous for the Marathon, I'm really excited. I was a bit worried at the beginning; I had a few injury problems but now I think I'm going in the right direction and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to running around London. Seeing all the big monuments will be brilliant with all the other runners.

“I've had such great support from Teenage Cancer Trust. I've had lots of things come through in the post to help my training, my diet, how far I should be running and I've had frequent phone calls. It doesn't feel like you're alone, you feel like you've got a lot of people there helping you out to get you across the line. I'm going to be one of the youngest runners there this year so it shows that it doesn't matter what age you are, you can do it.

“Running the London Marathon when you've got a personal story like mine, it helps. When you get in late and think ‘ah I can't be bothered to train tonight’, you think of all the suffering the teenagers on that ward have had, so you go out there train for them and earn them some money"

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