“Running past the Teenage Cancer Trust cheerers and the supporters with the banners and the balloons made me realise why I was running.”

“As a Youth Support Coordinator my main role is to try and keep a young person active, even though they’re having really intense treatment. To try and bring a little bit of normality to what they're going through and give them a bit of space where they can have time out from the hospital environment.

Before I did this job I was a very conservative person, I was very careful, I had a life plan. I think meeting the young people and seeing what they go through and how resilient they are inspires me and it's made me live my life differently.

I challenge myself because there are some people who don't get to do that. We owe it to them.

We see young people go through treatment. Even when it's all finished there are still so many issues those young people have to go through for the next couple of years. We can be there in that gap and help young people with issues like confidence building, getting back into work, going back to University or school. If Youth Support Coordinators didn't exist, young people would have a very clinical approach to their treatment. They may feel like they're treated as a patient rather than a young person.

Teenage Cancer Trust has a plan to reach every single young person who is diagnosed with cancer and that is to make sure there are support staff, like myself and like specialist nurses who visit those young people who can't get to a Teenage Cancer Trust unit. The money raised from the London Marathon will go towards making that happen.

I ran a 10k for Teenage Cancer Trust last year...

It made me realise that I am doing this for the young people who can't be there, who can't run themselves, I'm doing it for them and it just, it just got me over the finish line. Without the cheerers I'm not sure I would have made it.

If you're thinking of signing up to do the London Marathon, do it. It feels like a scary thing, it feels like something you're never going to achieve but knowing that you are doing it so that we can reach all young people diagnosed with Cancer will get you through and the moment you cross that finish line, you will feel amazing!”