Here are some descriptions of our work and facts about our impact that you can include in your updates, in invitations for fundraising events and on your fundraising page.

About Teenage Cancer Trust

Cancer sucks.
Teenage Cancer Trust makes sure young people don't face it alone.

They do it by providing world-class cancer care and support in specialist units, local hospitals and in homes across the UK. They’re there at every stage, from diagnosis through treatment and after treatment.

  • Teenage Cancer Trust has 28 units across the UK and fund 80 specialist staff posts, including Nurses and Youth Support Coordinators.
  • In the UK, seven young people aged 13-24 are diagnosed with cancer every day.
  • Teenage Cancer Trust needs to raise more than £20 million every year by 2020 to make sure they reach every young person with cancer who needs them

The difference a donation can make

Although the best fundraising comes from telling personal stories, people who donate also like to know that their money is being used effectively and efficiently. You can use these figures to help people visualise the kind of difference their generosity can make.

£8.50 is the cost of printing our book Honest Answers, Sound Advice: A Young Person’s Guide to Cancer, so one more young person can read what others told us they wish they’d known.

£25 could pay for one hour of time for a Youth Support Coordinator, who’ll be there for young people and help them get together and support each other.

£35 could fund a complementary therapy session in our London or Nottingham units, to help young people relax and cope with cancer.

£100 could buy a round of pizzas for everyone on the unit, so everyone can grab a slice, feel less isolated and be there for each other.

Some words you could use to share our ambitions

  • Right now for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust can support, there’s another they can’t. This needs to change.
  • Not all young people can access Teenage Cancer Trust’s specialist cancer units around the UK, maybe because they live too far away, or aren’t able to leave their families, studies or jobs. This means young people can be treated in hospitals without teenage-specialist support and facilities, or anyone else their age, which can be a scary and lonely experience.
  • So they’re changing the way they work to reach every young person with cancer in the UK, wherever they live. As well as Teenage Cancer Trust’s amazing units, their new Nursing & Support Service involves additional teams of nurses providing expert care and support to young cancer patients in local hospitals and young people’s homes.
  • Alongside this new nursing outreach programme, they’ll be funding a range of improvements to the facilities and spaces young people with cancer use within local hospitals. This will make the choice to be treated closer to home, family and friends much easier, and means they can finally reach every young person that needs their support.