Bucket collections are a fun and simple way to raise money towards your target.

Let us know

If you would like a collection bucket, please email challenges@teenagecancertrust.org with some details about where and when the collection will be taking place.

Get permission

If collecting on the streets or public land you must get permission from the local authority or local police (depending on your area) beforehand.

If collecting on private property or land, such as a shopping centre or train station, you must get permission from the landowner or manager.

We ask that you do not carry out house to house collections in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust as it's illegal to collect money door to door without a charity licence.


Having a raffle is great addition to an event you have planned, or simpy on its own. 

As raffles are a form of gambling it's very important that you review the relvent legal requirements before you get started. For more information please contact your local authority and/or the Gambling Commission.