1. As soon as you sign up we'll send you a personalised Teenage Cancer Trust technical running top (you choose vest or t-shirt) so you look the part during your training and on marathon day itself!

2. You'll have a team of fundraising experts on hand to help make your fundraising a breeze! We've got everything you need to help you hit your target, from helpful how-to guides to amazing branded materials that will make you look like a fundraising pro!

3. Our top training partners RunningWithUs will make sure you have the best training plan for your ability, will give you advice for every stage of your training and you'll even be invited to a special team training day!

4. On marathon day you'll be made to feel like the legend you are. From being papped in the team photo at the start, to being cheered like a superstar by our many squads around the course. You are then invited to join us at our post-race party minutes from the finish where you can enjoy a well deserved leg massage and refreshments!

5. The team spirit and comradery you'll feel as part of #TeamLegend will be unforgettable. Our Legends always look out for each other as they strive towards the incredible goal of completing the London Marathon to improve the lives of young people with cancer.

Team Legend Runner

"Running past the Teenage Cancer Trust cheerers made me realise why I was running. It made me realise that I am doing this for the young people who can't be there, who can't run themselves, I'm doing it for them and it just got me over the finish line."

The difference you'll make

£8.50 is the cost of printing our book Honest Answers, Sound Advice: A Young Person’s Guide to Cancer, so one more young person can read what others told us they wish they’d known.

£25 could pay for one hour of time for one of our Youth Support Coordinators who will provide individual support and group activities to help young patients cope with the emotional, practical and social impact of cancer.

£50 could buy a round of pizzas for a young person and their friends, which might just be the first thing that tempts a young person out of bed after a gruelling round of chemo.

£200 pays for one of our Youth Support Co-ordinators to give a group of young people a night out at the cinema or bowling – a world away from treatments and appointments.

£420 could pay for a young person to develop new skills and confidence at a Royal Albert Hall workshop, before enjoying a Teenage Cancer Trust show at the iconic venue.

£950 could pay for a young person to attend our Find Your Sense of Tumour weekend, so they can relax, share advice and hang out with other young people who know just what they’re going through.

£2,500 could pay for a digital jukebox in a Teenage Cancer Trust unit’s social area so young people can relax and listen to music with friends, family and other young patients.

£4,224 could pay for the cost of all our Youth Support Coordinators for a day.

£6,676 could pay for the cost of all our expert nurses for one day.