Here's what some of our runners have said about support from Teenage Cancer Trust

"Great charity! Supporting a great cause backed up by a committed team. And of course, helping young people getting through cancer and being treated as young people."
"The support from Teenage Cancer Trust was absolutely fantastic. Running for them was an absolute privilege It's a charity that is very worthy so being able to raise funds is a highlight in itself. When the training was tough, keeping in touch with the team really motivated me to keep on going and their presence at the Running Show and on event day was super!"

"The support I received from you guys was phenomenal! If I had any questions or concern at all you were at the end of the phone and we’re always able to help me out!"

"Everybody I came in to contact with made the occasion special. From gaining my place to run for you, right the way through to the “cheer squads" and all those at the post race party were amazing."

How our #TeamLegend Facebook group helped our runners

"The content here was very valuable and has certainly made running for Teenage Cancer Trust feel more personal. Excellent content and advice."

We have a stand at The Running Show - this is what people thought!

"It was nice to see a stand there, thanks for the doughnut. I’m totally new to running & not a natural so the environment was totally new to me, so it was nice to have a place to go and meet people."

"It was great to speak with some Teenage Cancer Trust staff and receive some words of encouragement before the big day. It made me feel much more relaxed about the whole experience as the show can be quite overwhelming."


This is what our runners had to say about Race Day, 

"Teenage Cancer Trust are amazing! I can't thank them enough for their support on the day. Genuinely got me round! They were wonderful at the end as well, when I wasn't really with it, they took good care of me and saw me safely to the cool down party and the support of my friends and family.   Everyone took the time to warmly congratulate me on finishing the marathon even though they must have had the same conversation many times over. They made me feel very special and a million dollars. Even if they weren't such a fab charity, I'd run for them again for this reason alone.   Thank you so much! X"
"I loved the day and it felt really special being part of your team. On the day the support was incredible - the cheer stations were great! At the end I appreciated being met and escorted back to base by a lovely kind volunteer. The leg massage and post-race beer hit the spot. Thank you for making a great day fantastic. "

Our post-race reception is a special occasion for us and here's what our runners thought

"Great to be met at the finish and the greeting from everyone when you got there was fabulous. The massage was well worth having. You were made to feel really special. The food was really nice, just what you needed."