Written updates take time and you won’t want to clog up people’s inboxes, but a quick photo shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will remind people that you’re out there putting in the miles when they’re likely to be relaxing in the warm and dry. Livening up people’s timelines with photos of the seasons changing and different sights will make them feel part of your journey.

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Top tips for photos people will love

• Weather: we all love to talk about the weather! Look like a drowned rat in a rainstorm? Snap a selfie and get some sympathy. Running through a magical frosty park or seen an amazing sunset? Capture it!
• Seasons: one of the magical things about marathon training is seeing the seasons change. Blossom, snow drops, daffodils, the greening of trees are all things you notice as the weeks pass by, so snap them for your memories and the enjoyment of others.
• Quirky things: a Christmas tree in March, cheeky graffiti, discarded fancy dress paraphernalia, a lost teddy bear propped on a gate post. You see a lot of human life on the streets during your long run. #seenonmyrun is a popular hashtag on Instagram where people share their funny sightings.
 Food: drinking a disgusting looking juice instead of a pint on Saturday night? Eating a mountain of pasta before a 17 mile run? Food photos always catch people’s eye!