Getting started … those first steps:

The team from RunningWithUs are here to support you on your Virgin Money London Marathon journey from sign up to finish line. Here are just a handful of our top tips for getting started:

  • The first steps often are the hardest, we promise. Once you have been out for those first few runs, established a routine that works for you and worked out your routes, kit and who to sometimes run with this all starts to come together. If you're totally new to running take a look at our zero - 5k plan to get you started - there are lots of easy to complete sessions a few times a week that will see you running 5k without stopping in 4-6 weeks. If you're experienced and chasing a new personal best, let's plan a 10k event or similar as your pre-Christmas target. Our beginners or improvers 10k plans will be good to follow as your real marathon prep doesn’t start until January, but the foundations are laid now.
  • Don't run too far too soon! Aim to be able to run or run/walk at a conversational pace for 60-90 minutes by January and you will be on target.
  • Take a look at our 4 marathon plans designed specifically for you and Teenage Cancer Trust. We have decades of marathon coaching experience and have designed the walk/run, beginners, improvers and experienced plans all to fit in with your busy lives. Swap days around to fit in with your life and look to start this plan in January.
  • Have a read of our marathon training guide. Loads of information here to support your training plan and keep you healthy, strong and injury free. We also chat about cross training, nutrition and more.


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