1. Volunteer expectations

Volunteers are a representative of Teenage Cancer Trust and we expect high standards from all our staff and volunteers. We expect our volunteers to:

  • Commit to our aims and values and be a positive advocate for Teenage Cancer Trust.
  • Always consider and protect Teenage Cancer Trust’s good reputation in their actions and conduct – acting responsibly, professionally and within the law. 
  • Always treat Teenage Cancer Trust staff, fellow volunteers and supporters with respect and appreciation.
  • Ensure professional and appropriate boundaries are maintained at all times with staff, fellow volunteers and supporters.
  • Respect and adhere to Teenage Cancer Trust’s policies, guidelines and follow instructions given by Teenage Cancer Trust staff whilst volunteering.
  • Seek guidance and support from staff contacts where necessary, who will work with the volunteer to find a solution.
  • Honour volunteer commitments and be accountable for your actions and behaviour. If volunteers are unable to fulfil their volunteer commitment, we ask they provide as much notice as possible.
  • Not to smoke or drink alcohol whilst wearing Teenage Cancer Trust volunteer branding.

In return Teenage Cancer Trust are committed to ensuring that volunteers feel valued, appreciated, and receive the best experience whilst volunteering. Teenage Cancer Trust therefore endeavours to:

  • Welcome and encourage volunteers to get involved at Teenage Cancer Trust.
  • Match the skills and experiences of volunteers with the most appropriate roles wherever possible, taking into account volunteer motivations and aspirations. 
  • Provide a detailed role description outlining volunteer responsibilities and providing information about policies and procedures.
  • Offer appropriate training and/or support for volunteers in their roles from relevant staff members.
  • Offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer.
  • Reimburse pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses for volunteers. 
  • Ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our volunteers.
  • Celebrate the successes of volunteers and update volunteers and our stakeholders on how volunteer’s contributions have made an impact.
  • Always treat volunteers with respect and appreciation across all levels of the organisation.
  • Ask for feedback from volunteers, including listening to volunteer concerns.

2. Safeguarding 

Teenage Cancer Trust, including its staff and volunteers have a legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the young people we support. Any roles which involve direct contact with young people will be subject to appropriate background checks and we reserve the right to end our relationship with a volunteer at any time should any concerns arise through the application process or during their volunteering with us.

3. Volunteer eligibility

If you are from the UK or an EU citizen, you are free to volunteer within the UK. For those outside the EU, we advise that you seek advice on whether your visa allows you to volunteer within the UK. We may ask to see documentation to prove your eligibility to volunteer within the UK and we do not sponsor volunteer visas.

4. Data protection

Your details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. They will be held securely and confidentially and will only be accessed by authorised individuals.
We know that your information and data needs to be kept safe, and we never ever give or sell any data or information to other charities or companies. We are thrilled that you support our work, and we believe that looking after your information is one of the ways we can show our appreciation of what you are doing for young people with cancer.  

5. Volunteer declaration

  • I declare that I am able to volunteer freely within the UK
  • I agree to comply with all the instructions, guidelines, expectations and policies which relate to my volunteering with Teenage Cancer Trust
  • I understand that whilst volunteering I may be photographed or filmed and the content may be used in future internal or external communications. I hereby give my permission to use my video footage and photographic likeness for such purposes*
  • I understand that if I sign up for a volunteering event, I agree to inform Teenage Cancer Trust as soon as possible if circumstances change and I am no longer able to volunteer
  • I understand that my participation in the volunteering activity is not compulsory and that I have the right to withdraw at any time should I feel uncomfortable
  • I accept that Teenage Cancer Trust will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, or claim which may arise in consequence of my participation in the volunteering activity 
  • I understand that as a volunteer, I must take reasonable care of the health and safety of myself and other persons and reasonable care of the property of others during any volunteering activities I partake in. 
  • As a volunteer, I agree to be a positive role model for Teenage Cancer Trust when I undertake my volunteering activities, including not smoking or drinking alcohol whilst wearing Teenage Cancer Trust volunteer branding 

*Please make the staff contact at the events aware if you do not wish your photo to be taken and contact the Volunteering Team on volunteers@teenagecancertrust.org if you do not wish to give permission.